So Why Do They Differ So Much?

Well wedding photographers fall into four classes, at the very top there are the society photographers who may well only photograph the upper classes and royalty etc. If you could afford to pay their prices I don’t think you would be reading this!

Then at the next level there are the successful photographers who have made a name for themselves by winning awards and operating at the top level of their profession, these photographers are likely to charge between £1,500 and £2,500 for their services for one day depending on the coverage you require. They will have a studio to upkeep, and may even have other photographers working for them.

Next there is the smaller one man band who still produces high quality professional images, he may bring with him an assistant, or another photographer to offer a two camera service. He may also have a studio to manage. He would be likely to charge £1,000 to £1,500

Then you will get the home based photographer; with no studio to keep, his hourly rate should be a lot less. There are a large number of home based wedding photographers around and some of these may well have professional qualifications. They will produce great photographs at much lower prices, yet still offer a professional service, for these photographers you should expect to pay around £400 to £1,000 depending on hours worked and any albums required.

The trouble is that here you may have difficulty in distingquishing between this photographer and the next one down.

These are generally amateurs who may well have bought a cheaper digital SLR and taken a few of what they or their friends and relatives consider to be decent photographs and decided to earn a little extra pin money. These photographers do not have the experience, will not be able to “capture the moment”, and have no or little idea about posing the portrait shots to be able to create the beautiful shots you dream of. They probably will only have amateur equipment and may only have one camera with them, what will happen if their camera breaks?

Buyer beware!


Jan 10, 2014





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